Next Meeting:

Saturday, March 3rd, 7:30 p.m.
Recital Hall, Los Angeles Valley College
5800 Fulton Ave, Valley Glen, 91401


Happy New Year!

A note from Gregory Newton, AGS President:

Happy New Year! With the Spring 2018 semester commencing on February 5, I would like to inform you of the variety of guitar courses available at Los Angeles Valley College and encourage you to consider enrolling in one or more of them. Further, enrolling early helps us immensely in our quest to avoid class cancellations. The Administration has begun looking at low-enrolled classes, and will be making cuts very soon. Here is our slate of guitar classes this semester:

  • Music 650 (Beginning Guitar) – meets Tuesday evenings, 6:50pm-10:00pm
  • Music 650 (Beginning Guitar) – meets Friday mornings, 9:00am-12:10pm
  • Music 651 (Classical Guitar I) – meets Friday afternoons, 1:00pm-4:10pm
  • Music 652/653/654 (Classical Guitar II-IV) – meets Wednesday evenings, 6:50pm-10:00pm
  • Music 771 (Guitar Ensemble) – meets Monday evenings, 6:50pm-10:00pm
  • Attention former members of the AGS Guitar Orchestra: The AGSGO remains on hiatus for the time being, so the LAVC Guitar Ensemble (which is, in fact, a guitar orchestra) is your outlet. This is how you can feed your ensemble addiction! Below is the flyer for the course.

    Registering and enrolling at LAVC couldn’t be easier. As of Fall 2017, everything is on the PeopleSoft system, and you can take care of everything online smoothly and quickly in one brief session. Here is the page that contains everything you need:

    Jordan Charnofsky and I look forward to seeing you!